Code of Conduct


Dear students,

The Hellenic Culture Centre has introduced the Moodle platform as part of your course so that you can get the most out of learning Greek.

The learning hub is a safe and secure space online where you will enjoy doing activities set by your teacher so that you will learn more prepared. 

Please read this document in conjunction with the Data protection Policy of the HCC.

All students accessing the Moodle platform are required to follow the following rules:

  1. Work uploaded to the Moodle platform should not contain any personal information, photos, or offensive material, and ‘bad or abusive' language. Everyone attending the self-taught course must show respect for others.
  2. No personal information such as addresses, email addresses or phone numbers should be shared as part of the work completed online.
  3. The students can send a written assignment as an essay or as a forum post if they participate in a group self-taught course. Students can start forums and are able to post comments, appropriate images, and URLs in reply to discussions started by other students. 
  4. When using forums, we ask that students must write in Greek and with Greek letters (not Greeklish).
  5. Students must not post links to any file-sharing websites, like for example Google drive; any such links will be deleted.
  6. If students have any concerns regarding any content or posts on the forum, they should report them immediately to their Mentor. Failure to abide by this behaviour policy may lead to the student’s suspension or exclusion from the course.
  7. All forums will be regularly monitored to ensure that the rules above and HCC's policies are being followed.
  8. No cameras are allowed.
  9. Students must set up their account so that it appears as the full first name and initial of the family name (eg, John P. or Helen W.)
  10. The following behaviour is NOT allowed: bullying, discrimination, use of offensive words in any language, using software or tools to create a disruption to the calls, sharing materials that may be deemed offensive, recording of virtual visit to the Moodle platform, allowing other people apart from the student to visit the platform, allowing other people apart from the students to contact other learners in the platform

Last modified: Tuesday, 22 February 2022, 10:35 AM